5 reasons you should reject the expansion of City Airport


As millions take to the streets across the world to demand action against climate change, City Airport are ploughing ahead with their plans to expand the airport. 

Here are five reasons you should join our campaign against the expansion:

  1. Climate Change

    By their own admission, their proposed expansion will not only double the number of flights they operate but will also see eight new aircraft stands, equivalent to the size of 11 football pitches, being built, and will quadruple the size of their terminal. At a time when we should be reducing our carbon footprint and curbing air travel, the company is encouraging more flights and more carbon emissions. We have no way of reaching our 2050 target to cut carbon emissions if we continue to support airport expansion.

  2. Plane Exhausts Kill More People Than Plane Crashes

    The relationship between air pollution and damage to human health is widely established.

    Each year, around 29,000 premature deaths are attributable to air pollution from large particles in the UK. Every flight that takes off from City Airport is adding toxic particles to the atmosphere.  

  3. Noise pollution from flights can lead to stroke

    Exposure to loud noise from living under a flight path over a long period of time has been linked to an increased risk of developing high blood pressure or having a stroke. 

    Currently there are limits on the number of flights in the first and last half hour of operations from London City Airport each day, and there are no flights from midday Saturday to midday Sunday. The current limitations give respite to residents, but the airport management wants to lift those restrictions to run more flights. 

    As City Airport increases its operating hours, it will have a severe negative impact on the mental health and well-being of residents in Waltham Forest, particularly those in Leyton and Leytonstone who live under the flight path. 

  4. Impairing our children’s development and wellbeing

    The levels of noise exposure from flights has been linked to affecting the reading ability and mental development of children. Exposure to each 5dB increase in noise levels over 50dB has been associated with a two-month delay in learning and development in primary school children. Noise meter readings of up to 70–75 decibels from individual flights have been reported in areas affected by London City airport.  Many of our schools are directly under the flight paths exposing children to the hugely damaging impact of both air and noise pollution day-in-day-out.

  5. Flight paths are getting narrower, meaning a more concentrated impact

    Because of current government policy, there is a trend towards more concentrated flight paths. Figures from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) have revealed that noise from planes flying over homes from London City Airport is affecting 74,000 people – more than any airport in the country with the exception of Heathrow and Manchester

    Even with their current cap, residents could be exposed to a flight overhead an average of every 90 seconds during peak hours. Yet the airport wants to double the number of flights it operates per year.

We recognise that airports can bring jobs and help the economy, but at the expense of the health and wellbeing of local residents and the survival of the planet. 

If you agree with us, join our campaign and make sure your voice is heard.

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