Ben Sims: Three ways I will be a better MP


Over the first few weeks of the campaign, I've spoken to hundreds of people across Leyton & Wanstead. One thing I hear again and again is that they feel taken for granted.

I will be a better MP, an MP that listens to people. Here are three of the ways how:

1. I will hold regular weekend surgeries

One constituent, Laura, told me:

"The last time I went to see John Cryer I had to take time off work. I asked if he would consider an occasional Saturday surgery so people that work full time can meet with their MP.

“He brushed-off my suggestion claiming that he already worked hard enough. Leyton & Wanstead deserves an MP that is accessible to everyone’”

If elected, I will hold weekend surgeries at least once per month (in addition to weekdays) so that as many people as possible can speak to me.

2. I will answer all emails (politely)

Many people have told me that when they emailed their MP, they did not get a response. Some have said that the response they did get was rude or insulting, as reported by the Evening Standard.

I will answer all emails and letters sent to me within two weeks. Even where I disagree with the constituent writing to me, I will respond politely.

3. I will live in the constituency

Leyton & Wanstead is a fantastic, vibrant place and I have been thrilled by the welcome from people from all walks of life while I have been campaigning. I believe that to best represent an area, you should share the benefits - and the problems - of living in that area.

If elected, I will live in the constituency and take part in the daily life of the area.

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