Charlatan Trump an enemy of the people


Donald Trump has claimed that the Conservatives' Brexit plan has killed off any chance of a UK-US trade deal.

Donald Trump is an enemy of Britain. His vile views and wild outbursts make the whole world a more dangerous place.

Like his terrible twin Boris Johnson he is consumed by self-obsession and self-promotion. And Trump has the cheek to nominate Johnson as our Prime Minister - in return I recommend ABD (anyone but Donald) for President of our American friends and allies.

This is the final wake up call on Brexit; the Conservatives’ fudged plans are dead in the water. Thousands of British businesses and millions of British jobs are in mortal danger.

Theresa May must pull back to stop us hurtling over the hard Brexit cliff. It is time to forget charlatans like Trump and secure more time to negotiate with our friends in Europe. Then we must give the British people the final say on any deal, including the option of an Exit from Brexit.

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