Corbyn Cannot be Trusted with the Keys to Number 10

As we are now seeing with Johnson, so it will be with Corbyn- if you give autocrats an inch they will take a mile. In the case of Johnson, he promised his constituents (about 0.3% of the UK electorate) that if they made him Prime Minister he would ensure that the chances of a No Deal Brexit would be a million to one. Now he is Prime Minister he is doing his best to ensure that there will be a million to one chance of getting a deal and is using all the tried and trusted techniques of demagogues throughout history to engineer a No Deal scenario – proroguing parliament to thwart elected members from putting down opposing motions or threatening to ignore votes of no confidence are the marks of a mad dictator and the beginnings of a totalitarian state. But Corbyn and his acolytes would be no better.

He says he will promote a vote of no confidence so that he can takeover as a caretaker Prime Minister to prevent a No Deal Brexit - but he does not offer a second vote, a halt on any other form of Brexit or even a General Election once he is in Downing Street. He is not to be trusted for one moment and, once he has a foot in the door, he will be hard to dislodge. The giveaway words he will be working to are in the title of an article penned by the Momentum backed Labour PPC for Chingford and Woodford Green, Faiza Shaheen, in March 2018,  "Brexit can be harnessed for good. The left hasn't realised it yet". Corbyn, his coterie of non-elected special advisers and ideologues like Ms Shaheen are only interested in winning the “class war”, wholesale redistribution of wealth, destruction of the corrupt capitalist EU and, ultimately, the implementation of unadulterated socialism. And again from history, especially the 20th century, we know where that leads – Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Zimbabwe, all totalitarian states because the only way pure socialism can be achieved is when individual choice is subjugated to the ruling elite who deem themselves the arbiters of what is good.

There are far better candidates for a caretaker Prime Minister. Although I was never impressed with him as Chancellor of the Exchequer, I would happily support Ken Clarke for the role providing he agrees to oversee a properly informed and fairly conducted second referendum.

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