Council’s shameful record on our local environment


Labour councillors often boast the environmental record of Waltham Forest Council but it’s important to look at what has really happened during Labour’s time in office.

Despite the Council passing a motion to declare a Climate Emergency in April 2019, Waltham Forest recently received a “Zero” score from Climate Emergency UK for Labour’s failure to publish a climate action plan during the intervening years.

Over 2,000 mature trees have been felled in Waltham Forest since 2017. Many, like the 122 trees by Lea Bridge Station, to make way for more concrete and more blocks of flats.

Waltham Forest comes 286th out of 341 councils in England for household recycling and the Labour-run Council recently voted to approve the expansion of the Edmonton Waste Incinerator, sending more of our rubbish up in smoke.

Every area being monitored in Waltham Forest currently exceeds new WHO guidelines for Nitrogen Dioxide in the air.

Liberal Democrat candidate for Grove Green Naomi McCarthy said, “It’s not enough to just pay lip service to the green agenda, we need a council that will clean up its act and take the climate emergency seriously.”

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