CPZ creep continues

Oliver Road and Oliver Close will be the latest areas to become a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ). Following consultations during the summer residents in all the roads in Oliver Close combined to vote 51.5% in favour of a CPZ according to the Council.

The Council, not happy that nearby roads did not vote for a CPZ, will re-consult Ive Farm Close, Simonds, Etloe and Wiseman Roads as well as Villiers Close and Meadows Close. Your Leyton Liberal Democrat team has pointed out that the Council’s own figures show that Simonds, Etloe and Wiseman Roads overall did vote for a CPZ but Meadows Close did not, as they already own their own parking spaces.

Liberal Democrat campaigner Bob Sullivan said, “Most people voted against a CPZ after the Olympics but have now been forced to vote for one as nearby CPZs have made it impossible to park. With the Council making multi-millions out of parking fees and fines it is no wonder they would like the whole borough to be a CPZ”.

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