Fred Wigg and John Walsh Safety Fears

The Fred Wigg and John Walsh Towers are about to start undergoing extensive renovations.

The council are already moving residents out of their homes to start the works, but Waltham Forest Council has yet to publish the plans showing what they’re going to do.

The 'transformation' plans published as part of the 2014 consultation showed new cladding being added to the buildings, and the consultation did not mention fire safety.

The towers are essential social housing. It’s bad enough that the proposed plans may actually result in a drop in the number of social homes available to Waltham Forest residents. We need our council to confirm that those who are housed, are housed safely.

Local campaigner, Alice Thomas, said, "In the wake of the tragedy at Grenfell Tower, Waltham Forest Council needs to reassure Cann Hall residents that the towers will meet the highest safety standards after the works."

Nearly 200 people have signed our petition already calling on the council to publish the plans and to confirm to everyone affected that:

1. No cladding will be added to the building unless it is 100% non-flammable and meets the highest safety standards

2. Sprinklers will be added to the towers as part of the refurbishment - something the towers don't yet have

If you would like to join them, you can sign our petition here.

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