Fred Wigg and John Walsh Towers meeting angers residents!


At a packed public meeting held to discuss the future of the two tower blocks in Montague Road, the residents were angry that Waltham Forest Council are still pushing their ideas forward for Transformation. This involves moving all the residents out for about 3 years, demolishing all the rooms in the flats and leaving just the outside walls and rebuilding.

The Council will decide in February which of the developers will be chosen to do this work. The cost to the Council is around £38m but the option the residents prefer would cost around £8m to refurbish the insides.

Three years ago the Council employed an agency asking the residents to vote for either option. The result was 3 to 1 in favour of modest improvements but the Council ignored the results.

The Tower Blocks residents and Focus are now demanding that the Council:

  1. Scrap the Transformation plans and respect the result of the ballot which was to do 'modest improvements'
  2. Wait to hear the results of the Grenfell Inquiry which will inevitably bring in new changes to building regulations for high rise in the future.
  3. Make the process more open and transparent for all residents and their neighbours in the surrounding streets.

Focus Team member Liz Phillips, who attended the meeting, said, " If the Council decide on the Transformation option it will mean many years of total disruption for all the residents in the Towers and for the neighbours in nearby streets.”

Liberal Democrats are demanding that the Council listen to their residents and respect their wishes. Most of them have lived in their flat for decades.

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