Leadership contest: should Jo Swinson or Ed Davey lead the fight for a Liberal Britain?

Having lead us to incredible results in the 2019 Local and EU elections, Sir Vince Cable is stepping down as party leader. The race is now on to take up his mantle and lead the Liberal Democrats to further success: stopping Brexit, fighting for liberal values and winning elections. 

The two contenders, Jo Swinson and Sir Ed Davey, set out their visions at the London hustings on Friday. The excitement at the event reflected the newfound optimism of a party on the rise: appropriately enough, the sold-out debate was held at a school in Jeremy Corbyn's Islington back yard - a borough that we won in the EU elections only a week ago. 

Jo and Ed discussed building on this success to stop Brexit, and spoke passionately about the liberal causes that they would personally emphasise as party leader. Ed outlined the need to "de-carbonise capitalism" to tackle the climate emergency, and pressed the case for an internationalist perspective. Jo stressed the need to focus innovation towards making the economy work for people across society, and to lead the fight against nationalism.  

We have two strong candidates, both with impressive track records of fighting for, and advancing, liberal values at Westminster and beyond. It promises to be a close fought contest over the next few weeks; join the Liberal Democrats now to have your say!

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