Improved Safety At Last for Newport School


Your Grove Green Liberal Democrat team are pleased the council are finally making changes to the traffic on the roads around Newport School with the introduction of a School Street zone. We have been campaigning on this issue since June 2017.

At school drop-off and collection times there have been continual issues with cars passing each other and parking on the pavements. There have been near misses between drivers and children. This has led to aggressive behaviour by drivers as well as compromised the safety of children. Our campaign to improve the road safety was also endorsed by the head teacher of Newport School.

The new School Street zone means that the roads around the school will be open to pedestrians and cyclists only at set times in the morning and afternoon during term time.

Local Liberal Democrat Arran Angus says, “I welcome the changes that the council have brought in to protect children travelling to and from school. My only regret is that it has taken them four years from when we raised the issue to fix this problem.”

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