Kickstart training: 26th-28th June 2020, Yarnfield Park Training and Conference Centre

Liberal Democrats taking control of Chelmsford Council was one of our biggest victories of 2019, increasing the number of Liberal Democrat Councillors from 5 to 31. The team couldn't have done it without attending ALDC's Kickstart weekend the previous year where they set their seat target and strategy to win.

We know that there is nothing stopping us from having similar success in Waltham Forest. We want to make sure that those who are serious about standing for election, being committed activists, and helping us turn Waltham Forest yellow are able to take advantage of this great training.

To help as many people as possible attend, we will be offering a £150 reimbursement off the cost of your Kickstart booking.

To be entitled for the reimbursement you need to:

  1. Live in the borough and be eligible to stand for elections
  2. Have completed and returned the application form to stand as a local council candidate in 2022
  3. Show us proof of purchase of your Kickstart place

The local party's campaigns officer, Arran Angus, will have the final say on all reimbursements.

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Kickstart brings together the party’s most experienced and successful campaigners to train local teams from across the country.

The weekend caters for everyone; whatever your role in a campaign, and regardless of your experience. You’ll leave having improved your campaigning skills and ready for your next set of elections. Those who attend will get tailored, professional advice; training and bespoke mentoring from experienced Liberal Democrat campaigners and councillors.

Those who have attended Kickstart in the past tell me that it really can make the difference between winning and losing. Places fill up fast so book now to avoid disappointment. You can find more information here.

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