Lib Dems call on Waltham Forest Council to speed up electric charging


Analysis from the Liberal Democrats has revealed that just 4.3 per cent of public charging points for electric vehicles in Waltham Forest are capable of rapid charging.

Data from the Department for Transport shows that, as of 1 July 2021, there were 186 publicly available electric vehicle charging devices in Waltham Forest but only eight of those were capable of charging at 43kW or above.

This means the vast majority of public charging points would take up to eight hours to charge a small car.

Meera Chadha, Waltham Forest Liberal Democrats spokesperson for the Environment, said:

”It's incredibly frustrating if you've made the switch to an electric car only to find that the charging points the council has installed have limited your ability to charge your car.

”It's an easy win, and would just take a bit of thought to fix.

”As with so many things, we find our Labour-run council focuses on the headlines over the practicalities.”

Speaking on the national shortage of fast charging points, Sarah Olney MP, Liberal Democrat parliamentary spokesperson for Transport, said:

”For all the big talk we have heard from the government at COP26 on electric cars, the reality of their lack of investment shows a completely different picture.

“Instead of vague words, Liberal Democrats are calling for a cut in VAT on the lowest cost electric vehicles and a massive expansion of rapid chargers, particularly in rural areas.”

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