Local Superheroes

Celebrating the local businesses that helped to feed children during half-term.

In October the Conservative government voted against extending the ‘Covid Summer Food Fund’ to feed children eligible for free school meals during half-term. Although several Liberal Democrat councils opted to feed these children themselves, Waltham Forest Council was slow to respond. 

Instead, many local businesses, schools and charities stepped in to support families in Waltham Forest. Throughout half-term they offered food parcels and hot meals for free, despite the fact that many have suffered from the financial impact of Covid-19 themselves.

We want to celebrate these local heroes including:

  • Firezza in Olympic Park 
  • Marmelo Kitchen on Francis Road
  • Deeney’s on Leyton High Road
  • The Wild Goose Bakery on Leytonstone High Road
  • Craftworks on Hoe Street
  • The Farm Community Kitchen on Cann Hall Road  

Plus of course the various food banks that support Waltham Forest residents, including: 

While we welcome the government’s recent U-turn, which means that children will now be fed during the Christmas holidays, this is not a new problem. Every year, vulnerable families worry about the school holidays, when they will need to find an extra £30–40 per week to buy the meals usually provided at school. It is an absolute travesty for children to go hungry, on any day of the year. 

That is why the Liberal Democrats are calling for free school meals for every child in primary and secondary school whose family is receiving universal credit, or are low-income with no recourse to public funds, and also meal vouchers for all of these pupils covering school holidays and lockdown period. 

Please let us know of any local heroes we may have missed so that we can add them in. Email us at [email protected].

Also see our post on how to get support locally this winter.

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