Make your voice heard at the general election: registering and postal/proxy votes

On the 12th of December the UK faces its most significant election for a generation. It is vital that every single person's voice is heard. To vote you must be registered by the deadline: 23:59 on the 26th of November.

If you haven't previously registered at your current address, or your circumstances have changed, you can register using the Government's online form. Registering typically takes about five minutes. To be eligible to vote in the general election you must be 18 or over on the day of the election, and be a British, Irish or a Commonwealth citizen with leave to enter or remain in the UK. Many Irish or Commonwealth citizens may not know that they can vote, so let them know!

If are unable to attend a polling station in person on the 12th of December, you can still vote by post or proxy.

  • If you register to vote by post, you can have your ballot paper sent to an address, either in the UK or overseas. You can register to vote by post by filling in and returning this form. Your application must arrive at your electoral registration office by 23:00 on the 26th of November.  The postal vote itself must then arrive at your Electoral Office in the UK by 10pm on 12 December. 
  • If you don't have time to arrange a postal vote, you can nominate someone else to vote on your behalf. You can apply for a proxy vote by filling in an returning this form.  The form needs to arrive at your local Electoral Registration Office by 5pm on 4 December to vote by proxy in the General Election in England, Scotland or Wales.



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