Naomi McCarthy


I've been Chair of the Waltham Forest Liberal Democrats for the past two years. 

I live in Leytonstone with my husband and two children and we have made many friends in the area since moving here in 2012. We love the open spaces of Waltham Forest and the fact that it's truly multicultural.

Politically I've been a Lib Dem voter for most of my life and I decided to join the party after the 2016 EU referendum to help support the centre ground in politics and work towards healing the divisions caused by the Brexit vote. Since then I have been an active member of the local party and I have campaigned in the last two General Elections as well as standing for Council in 2018. 

I want to see a strong force of Liberal Democrats on Waltham Forest Council to help improve our schools and local environment, and create more affordable housing in the area. If you are a local resident and have any issues that we can help with, please get in touch. 

Email Naomi: [email protected]
Follow Naomi on Twitter: @theladyblunt