No New Incinerator

Labour council have priorities wrong

Your Labour-run council is pressing ahead with a £1.2bn expansion to the Edmonton Waste Incinerator. The new incinerator will produce more than 700,000 tonnes of CO2 every year.

Costs are spiralling, and are now almost double the original estimate, yet residents in Grove Green have never been consulted on these proposals.

Meanwhile, the Labour council has a pathetic 32.3% recycling rate, below the national average and the London average. This places Waltham Forest 286th out of 341 councils in England.

Four of the top five councils for recycling are led by the Liberal Democrats.

Liberal Democrat candidate Arran Angus said, “At a time when we need to be recycling more, expanding the waste incinerator is the wrong decision. The council should be putting this time, effort and money into improving their appalling recycling rates.”


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