Seeff Slams "Unelected Cabal" for Assault on Democracy

Geoff Seeff, our parliamentary candidate for Chingford and Woodford Green, has issued the following statement to the press on his response to the prorogation of Parliament in order to prevent discussion of the Government's intention to leave the EU without a deal (or indeed with a deal) . It has been published in the local Guardian but the words "Egged on by our arrogant, obsessive and misguided  local MP" were edited out.........

I am horrified at the actions of Johnson and his fanatical cronies who have taken the first step towards the destruction of the stable democracy that this country established and of which it has been so proud. Egged on by our arrogant, obsessive and misguided  local MP, it is the thin edge of a very nasty wedge by which an unelected cabal is using to steam roller through a damaging policy that the majority of people in Chingford and Woodford Green do not want and certainly did not vote for. The tragedy of this political development is that a Pandora’s Box has been opened and Johnson and others with autocratic tendencies will in future be less inhibited from overriding the rules that order civil society and will inevitably lead to further abuse of citizens’ rights. He has already indicated that he will ignore Parliament if he loses a vote of no confidence. This must be resisted!

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