Severely disabled people let down by Council

Very vulnerable people who use the respite and residential home in Trumpington Road are being let down by the Council who plan to close it. The centre dealing with the most vulnerable people has proved a lifeline to carers who look after their loved ones.

Carers have said that the Council has stopped referring people to the centre even though some carers want more respite. As one carer reported “The most severely disabled people are being overlooked, they have not got a voice and other services are not suitable for them. I don’t think what is happening is correct but it feels like we’re fighting a losing battle”.

Focus Team member Liz Phillips said, “By cutting back referrals and ignoring carers, the Council can say the Centre is not used in order to justify the closure a classic Council trick. This is an appalling way to treat our most vulnerable people. The Council should cut back its propaganda paper and events and not cut back on vital services to the most severely disabled in the borough.

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