Our 'Six to Fix' for Waltham Forest


The Labour party has been in control in Waltham Forest in one form or another for the past 47 years. They have become stale, out of touch, and arrogant. Change is needed.

The Liberal Democrats have a plan for Waltham Forest. We have identified six key areas where a Liberal Democrat-run Waltham Forest could make a strong positive difference to the lives of the people who live here.

This is not just a list of pledges, but a statement of our values as a party who wants to see Waltham Forest Council be more innovative, forward-thinking, transparent, and above all a Council that actually listens to residents.

We hope you share those values, and that you will lend us your vote on 3rd May to help build a better borough.

Six to Fix

tick_box.pngBring empty properties back into use and prioritise genuinely affordable housing in the planning system. Commit the council to finding ways to build real social housing.

tick_box.pngReduce air pollution outside schools, install hundreds of electric charging points, and develop pocket parks. Reduce yearly parking fees by cutting councillor’s allowances.

tick_box.pngScrap the Labour-run Council’s illegal propaganda paper, Waltham Forest News, and promote real transparency at the Town Hall.

tick_box.pngTrain more street wardens to tackle anti-social behaviour. Work with residents to establish neighbourhood watches across the Borough and work with them to share best practice.

tick_box.pngReverse the Labour council's unfair cuts to public services. Re-open Harrow Green Library, retain the park keeper in Abbotts Park, and prevent the closure of Stanley Road Car Park.

tick_box.pngDefend the rights of EU citizens who live and work in Waltham Forest and are part of our community. Fight for an exit from Brexit.

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