Vicarage Road and Beaumont Estate parking nightmare

A recent survey by your local Lib Dem Focus Team in Vicarage Road and the Beaumont Estate area found that many residents complained about the problems they had with parking. L&Q Housing Association did a parking survey on the estate some months ago, but unfortunately this was not supported by the residents.

The news is that the Council is due to consult with all residents in the area in November on whether they would like a controlled parking zone (CPZ) in their road. It is important that all residents fill in the consultation form and send it back so that a decision can be made that reflects the genuine view of residents.

Roads that will be consulted by the council:

  • Ambleside Close
  • Ayerst Court
  • Beaumont Road
  • Burchell Road
  • Byron Road
  • Campion Road
  • Capworth Street
  • Clyde Place
  • Farmer Road
  • Hopkins Road
  • Keats Road
  • Kings Close
  • Lake Road
  • Pardoe Road
  • Ryder Avenue
  • Skeltons Lane
  • Sophia Road
  • Vicarage Road

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