Will the school budget cuts now go ahead?


Your local Liberal Democrat Team has been campaigning hard against the proposed cuts of millions from our local schools’ budgets. The failure of the Tories to get a majority in Parliament may mean that their policies on school budget cuts may not get the support of the majority of MPs.

Grove Green ward Liberal Democrat Campaigner, Arran Angus, said, "With the Liberal Democrats, Labour and the SNP voting against this policy the Tories will find it hard to get overall support for these cuts to be agreed."

Leyton ward Liberal Democrat campaigner, Bob Sullivan, said, "Out of the shambles of the election the one good thing is that the vicious cuts to our local schools’ budgets may be stopped."

If you have not signed up to our petition then you can do so online at: www.walthamforestlibdems.org/save_our_schools

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