Arran Angus


My name is Arran Angus and I am part of the Grove Green ward Team with my brilliant colleagues Naomi McCarthy and Meera Chadha.
I have lived in Grove Green Ward ever since I moved to the area over nine years ago. I had a six-month-old when I first moved here and am now bringing up two children. I have always thought that it is a fantastic place to live. I love the diversity and friendliness of our community.
I have had a varied professional life working for the several companies in the private sector, the charity Mencap and, for over a decade, the NHS. I have currently taking a career break to raise my children.
I have always held liberal views but have only joined the party after the 2016 referendum on the European Union. I felt that the views of people who wanted to remain in the EU were not being represented by the two large parties and the time had come for me to make a difference.
I hope that we can elect a strong group of Liberal Democrats onto Waltham Forest Council who will stand up for all parts of our community no matter where they are from. We will stand for better schooling, better community policing and cleaner air for the people who live here. We will continue to demand better funding for our Schools and our Health Service. We will also continue to campaign for ‘affordable’ to mean ‘affordable’ when it comes to new housing and to bring empty housing in the borough back into use.

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