Disabled Parking in Cecil Road

A local resident has informed local Liberal Democrat campaigner Rupert Alexander of the daily abuse of the two parking bays for the disabled opposite the council building in Cecil Road.

Drivers are parking without displaying a Blue Badge; that allows parking in these bays. Clearly, drivers with a disability would experience inconvenience and stress if they could not find a parking space.

Drivers must display a Blue Badge at all times to ensure vehicles are legally parked. We would all agree that to do so is fair and just.

Simonds, Etloe, Wiseman and Meadows Close

Following the Council’s consultation on their document ‘Lea Bridge Eastside’, which included Orient Way, local Liberal Democrat campaigner Bob Sullivan has submitted a proposal for a road to be built from Orient Way into the back of the two business parks in Etloe Road.

This would enable the Council to close off the current entrance in Etloe Road and force the heavy lorries to enter the business parks from Orient Way. This would stop all the heavy lorries from using Church Road, Simonds Road and Wiseman Road stopping the damage to homes and roads, and reduce pollution.

Liberal Democrats will be surveying residents’ views to the one-way proposal.

Abbotts Park - park keeper fiasco

Residents are angry that after spending hundreds of thousands on refurbishing Abbotts Park, the Council is now getting rid of the park keeper. The Abbotts Park area is known for crime and anti social behaviour (ASB) but residents believe that the three CCTV cameras planned cannot replace the park keeper and reduce ASB. Residents say that the park keeper is vital in keeping the park a clean, tidy and safe place for people and families to meet and play.

Local Liberal Democrat campaigner Farooq Qureshi said, "Getting rid of the park keeper is a folly. It is a cheap budget cut by the Council. The park keeper who has been there for over 20 years is part of the local community who can defuse potential problems before they happen. Also without him, the toilet block will have to remain closed."

Francis Road to be blocked off

Following a petition from both businesses and residents against the blocking of Francis Road, sent to the Council over a year ago, residents were surprised to receive a letter from the Council showing final plans which included the blocking off Francis Road and Norlington Road.

The Council say the plans were drawn up taking into account consultation done in January 2016.

Grove Green Liberal Democrat campaigner, Naomi McCarthy said, "When speaking to local residents it is clear that they believe the Council has totally ignored their views and those of businesses and is going ahead and doing what it was going to do in the first place. So much for consultation!"

Community Roadwatch in Cann Hall

Cann Hall ward Liberal Democrat team members Rupert Alexander and Liz Phillips and other local residents have been working alongside the Police Safer Transport Team in a Community Roadwatch scheme across Cann Hall.

Using speed detection equipment to identify speeding drivers on our roads, the registered keeper of the vehicle or driver is notified by letter and advised accordingly.

Liz Phillips said, "Residents are worried that speeding might cause their children or other people to get hit by a vehicle or that a dangerous collision could occur. This working together initiative of Police and residents is welcomed, to promote awareness."

If you are over the age of 18, why not volunteer to take part in Roadwatching? Just contact: Cann Hall Neighbourhood Policing Team by email E mail: Cannhall.NPT@met.police.uk or Phone: 0208 721 2036.

Acacia Road - overgrown street tree

Local Liberal Democrat campaigner Liz Phillips has reported an over grown tree base in Acacia Road to the Council for urgent pruning. Pedestrians are finding it difficult to walk past it, and for cars to park near as it is also encroaching into the road.

Fred Wigg and John Walsh Safety Fears

The Fred Wigg and John Walsh Towers are about to start undergoing extensive renovations.

The council are already moving residents out of their homes to start the works, but Waltham Forest Council has yet to publish the plans showing what they’re going to do.

The 'transformation' plans published as part of the 2014 consultation showed new cladding being added to the buildings, and the consultation did not mention fire safety.

The towers are essential social housing. It’s bad enough that the proposed plans may actually result in a drop in the number of social homes available to Waltham Forest residents. We need our council to confirm that those who are housed, are housed safely.

Local campaigner, Alice Thomas, said, "In the wake of the tragedy at Grenfell Tower, Waltham Forest Council needs to reassure Cann Hall residents that the towers will meet the highest safety standards after the works."

Nearly 200 people have signed our petition already calling on the council to publish the plans and to confirm to everyone affected that:

1. No cladding will be added to the building unless it is 100% non-flammable and meets the highest safety standards

2. Sprinklers will be added to the towers as part of the refurbishment - something the towers don't yet have

If you would like to join them, you can sign our petition here.

Let there be light – if you are lucky

Residents have contacted the Liberal Democrats for helping to get a street light in Abbotts Park Road working. The light was replaced a year ago, worked for a few days, then went out. It has been reported many times but it is still not working.

Liberal Democrat campaigner Bob Sullivan said, "To take over a year for a street light repair is a joke. We are chasing the Council for some action on this."

Windsor Road one-way call!

Residents of Windsor Road are fed up with the noise and disturbance of vehicles unable to pass each other because of parked cars on both sides of the road. They are asking for Windsor Road to be made one-way.The Focus Team, with local residents, will be surveying residents on their views for a one-way road. Results will be reported back in the next Focus.

Your local Liberal Democrat team, with local residents, will be surveying residents on their views for a one-way road. Results will be reported back in our next local Focus.

Sidmouth Park

People have complained that Sidmouth Park has not been locked regularly at night. This has led to drinking and drug taking there late in the evening and overnight.

Your local Liberal Democrat team has contacted the Council to make sure the park is locked regularly and have contacted the local police to check the park also. The police were surprised as they thought that the drug problem had been dealt with some time ago.

Local Liberal Democrat campaigner Arran Angus said, "Locking the park at night is very important and should not be overlooked."

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