2017-18 School Term Dates

This morning, students return back to school for the start of the school year. Below are the term dates for the year ahead.

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Council sells off council homes and replaces none!

A Liberal Democrat Freedom of Information request reveals that in the last few years Waltham Forest Council has sold off 312 council homes for £41million but has built NO homes to replace them.

Local Liberal Democrat campaigner Ben Sims said, "This is disgraceful. It highlights the ‘Social Cleansing’ that is going on across the borough."

Dunedin Road tower block

Having seen the ominous tower block picture displayed on the fencing surrounding the Dunedin Road site in Ruckholt Road, local residents are angry that their objections were completely ignored by the Council. The block will hover over them like a massive giant.

One resident said it was a waste of time objecting to the Council as time after time they continue to agree that tower blocks be built in the borough.

Pevensey Road bridge plagued by fly-tipping

Residents are reaching the end of their tether regarding the increasing frequency of rubbish dumping under Pevensey Road bridge. The dumping is physically hazardous, especially to the visually impaired, wheelchair and buggy users.

The Neighbourhood Ward Officer for Cann Hall has stated he will be patrolling the area more regularly due to the volume of complaints and glaring photo evidence.

The council are planning to reinstate CCTV, as requested by concerned residents and FOCUS Team member Rupert Alexander. Leaflets have been dropped through letterboxes advising people to dispose of their rubbish responsibly.

Rupert said, "Working together with the council has proved positive. We shall keep an eye on things."

Vicarage Road, Farmer Road and Beaumont Estate area CPZ

Owing to the major problem of parking in the Vicarage Road, Park Road and Beaumont Road areas a majority of residents have voted in favour of a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ). This will come into force in June and will operate Monday to Saturday 8am to 6.30pm.

Local Liberal Democrat campaigner Bob Sullivan said, "The fact that residents voted in favour of a CPZ does not come as a surprise as these spread very quickly. Once some roads have one, all the nearby roads suffer from parking problems. To enable residents to park their cars in their road they are forced to agree to a CPZ. This latest one will now affect Goldsmith Road, Oliver Close and the roads off Church Road which do not have a CPZ."

Colworth Road CPZ

The Colworth Road CPZ consultation has now ended. How the residents of the area bounded by Kings Road, Whipps Cross Road Hainault Road, north and south of Colworth and Poppleton Roads and the roads in between will vote is still to come but it will not be a surprise if the Council’s figures will show that residents have voted for a CPZ. Nearby roads that have already become a CPZ has made parking in the above roads almost impossible for residents.

The consultation will show that residents previously against CPZs have been forced to vote for one so that they are able to park their cars.

Heathcote Pub is still under threat!

The owners of the Heathcote Pub, in Grove Green Road, want to turn it into a block of flats. Residents, some time ago, got the Council to designate the pub as an ‘Asset of Community Value’ (ACV) which forces the Council’s Planners to take this into account when deciding any planning application. We understand that the Council has approached a local pub chain about taking it over, and will keep you informed of developments.

Disabled Parking in Cecil Road

A local resident has informed local Liberal Democrat campaigner Rupert Alexander of the daily abuse of the two parking bays for the disabled opposite the council building in Cecil Road.

Drivers are parking without displaying a Blue Badge; that allows parking in these bays. Clearly, drivers with a disability would experience inconvenience and stress if they could not find a parking space.

Drivers must display a Blue Badge at all times to ensure vehicles are legally parked. We would all agree that to do so is fair and just.

Simonds, Etloe, Wiseman and Meadows Close

Following the Council’s consultation on their document ‘Lea Bridge Eastside’, which included Orient Way, local Liberal Democrat campaigner Bob Sullivan has submitted a proposal for a road to be built from Orient Way into the back of the two business parks in Etloe Road.

This would enable the Council to close off the current entrance in Etloe Road and force the heavy lorries to enter the business parks from Orient Way. This would stop all the heavy lorries from using Church Road, Simonds Road and Wiseman Road stopping the damage to homes and roads, and reduce pollution.

Liberal Democrats will be surveying residents’ views to the one-way proposal.

Abbotts Park - park keeper fiasco

Residents are angry that after spending hundreds of thousands on refurbishing Abbotts Park, the Council is now getting rid of the park keeper. The Abbotts Park area is known for crime and anti social behaviour (ASB) but residents believe that the three CCTV cameras planned cannot replace the park keeper and reduce ASB. Residents say that the park keeper is vital in keeping the park a clean, tidy and safe place for people and families to meet and play.

Local Liberal Democrat campaigner Farooq Qureshi said, "Getting rid of the park keeper is a folly. It is a cheap budget cut by the Council. The park keeper who has been there for over 20 years is part of the local community who can defuse potential problems before they happen. Also without him, the toilet block will have to remain closed."

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