Cann Hall Park

Residents believe that to increase activities and to get people using the park more, then toilets and a park attendant need to be provided. Focus Team member Clyde Kitson said, “Basic amenities like toilets are essential to bring the park back into proper use.”

Overgrown Tree in Cecil Road

Focus Team member Liz Phillips reported an overgrown tree in Cecil Road to the council to get the basal growth removed as it was obstructing the footway. She is delighted to see swift action by the Tree Officer.

Leyton Midland Station – Better bus stops and pavements needed

Leyton Midland Road (LMR) station is at present shut for electrification works until February next year. LMR is already a busy station and when the line reopens there will be an increase in the numbers of commuters using the station. The bus stops in the High Road do not have any shelters so passengers have no cover in the event of rain, have difficulty standing and have nowhere to sit. The bus stop on the Stratford side of the High Road is situated on a very narrow pavement forcing passengers to take up the space and thus forcing passing pedestrians to walk in the road.

We are supporting a local resident in calling for bus shelters and enlarged pavements to be included in the proposed Mini Holland works due at the junction of Coopers Lane and the High Road.

Burchell and Sophia Roads Unswept

Residents of Burchell Road and Sophia Road are fed up that their roads have not been swept for weeks. Focus Team member Bob Sullivan contacted the Council to investigate and to get the roads cleaned properly and to make sure that they are swept regularly.

Vicarage Road and Beaumont Estate parking nightmare

A recent survey by your local Lib Dem Focus Team in Vicarage Road and the Beaumont Estate area found that many residents complained about the problems they had with parking. L&Q Housing Association did a parking survey on the estate some months ago, but unfortunately this was not supported by the residents.

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More flats planned

The Leyton Car Repairers at 404 – 424 Leyton High Road has been given planning permission to convert the business into a retail outlet on the ground floor with 9 flats above. It seems the Council can’t wait to give developers permission to build more expensive flats that local people cannot afford.

Beds in Sheds – Cheltenham Road/Midland Road

The Council is to look into residents’ reports that some people are sleeping in garden sheds in Cheltenham Road and at the back of Midland Road Station.

Local Lib Dem Bob Sullivan said, “Certain landlords are making money by renting out sheds in gardens to unfortunate tenants. If you know that this going on, then please report it to the Council or to the Focus Team.”

Fly Tipping in Belmont Park, William Street, Atkins Road, and Nottingham Road

More residents in local roads are reporting fly tipped rubbish. The local Lib Dem Team have reported many fly tips and are pleased to see some action from the Council. The Council is now employing mobile CCTV cameras in hot spot areas to spot the culprits.

CPZ consultation turned to shambles

The long awaited Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) consultation with residents south of Essex Road turned into a shambles when the Council’s contractor failed to deliver consultation documents to many roads. The Council resorted to posting notices on lampposts and had to deliver leaflets themselves. As some residents did not receive their documents in time the Focus Team got assurances that the consultation period would be extended. Now residents are waiting for the results of the consultation as there are still major parking problems in their roads.

Street Lights in Canterbury Road, Essex Road, and Lea Bridge Road

When the council updated the street lighting recently, we expected it would be cheaper, greener and more efficient. Instead, some are on all day, others off all night and some yet to be plugged in.

After many emails they are not all put right. We believe that the Street Lighting Team need to undertake a review of ALL the new lights (day and night) to ensure our lights work right!

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