Seeff Slams "Unelected Cabal" for Assault on Democracy

Geoff Seeff, our parliamentary candidate for Chingford and Woodford Green, has issued the following statement to the press on his response to the prorogation of Parliament in order to prevent discussion of the Government's intention to leave the EU without a deal (or indeed with a deal) . It has been published in the local Guardian but the words "Egged on by our arrogant, obsessive and misguided  local MP" were edited out.........

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Have Your Say: City Airport Expansion

Aeroplanes queue on the tarmac at London City Airport. Image credit Aleem Yousaf, re-used under CC BY-SA 2.0 license (

London City airport is currently developing its master plan, looking to double the number of flights it runs and increase the hours it operates. City Airport's flight paths are extremely low, as they need to fly below those from Heathrow, which means more noise for those living nearby. Many Waltham Forest residents, particularly in Leyton and Leytonstone, live under City Airport's flight path.  

Currently there are limits on the number of flights in the first and last half hour of operations each day, and there are no flights from midday Saturday to midday Sunday. The current limitations give respite to residents, but the airport management wants to lift those restrictions to run more flights. Specifically, they are looking to run more flights from 6.30am through to 11pm during the week, and extend the hours of operation on the weekends. Despite the potential effects of this change on people living under the flight path, residents of Waltham Forest have not been included in the consultation process. 

At a time of Climate Crisis, we need to be reducing our flights not increasing them. Whilst City Airport makes claims about working to be carbon neutral, they don't include flights in their calculations so it is of little impact. We recognise that airports can bring jobs and help the economy, but can the economic benefits of an expanded City Airport outweigh the environmental impact and the severe negative impact on the health and wellbeing of local residents?

Make sure your voice is heard.

The consultation closes on the 20th September - have your say here:

Walthamstow Action Day and Social

In recent weeks the Liberal Democrats have been gaining MPs and members left, right and centre, and we'd like to build on this momentum in Waltham Forest. On Saturday 31st August, we will be holding a combined action day and social in Walthamstow Village, giving everyone an opportunity to get involved, meet the team and try campaigning! We'll be looking to build support heading into a crucial period for our country.

We will be running a stall in Walthamstow Village from 12pm. We'll be talking to local people at the stall, and also sending out volunteers to knock on doors and deliver residents' surveys to the local community. It's a great opportunity to get involved, whether you've campaigned before or not. Even if you're unsure about talking to voters, we'd love to see you down there - there are plenty of other ways you can help.

Afterwards, at 4pm, we'll be heading to the Village Pub for a well-earned drink. Everyone is welcome, whether you helped at the stall or not - we'd love to put some faces to the names on our membership list.

If you're interested, please sign up at the website:  or contact Tom Addenbrooke [[email protected]; 07533696954].

Corbyn Cannot be Trusted with the Keys to Number 10

As we are now seeing with Johnson, so it will be with Corbyn- if you give autocrats an inch they will take a mile. In the case of Johnson, he promised his constituents (about 0.3% of the UK electorate) that if they made him Prime Minister he would ensure that the chances of a No Deal Brexit would be a million to one. Now he is Prime Minister he is doing his best to ensure that there will be a million to one chance of getting a deal and is using all the tried and trusted techniques of demagogues throughout history to engineer a No Deal scenario – proroguing parliament to thwart elected members from putting down opposing motions or threatening to ignore votes of no confidence are the marks of a mad dictator and the beginnings of a totalitarian state. But Corbyn and his acolytes would be no better.

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The Will of the People?

Much has been written on this subject so it is difficult to say something that is completely different. However, in my view, there are three essential reasons why a No-Deal Brexit – or for that matter, any deal Brexit – does not reflect “the will of the people” and why, if we are ever to make a critical decision based on “the will”, it needs to be assessed with more science than a binary vote.

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Brexit: We Must Try to Stop this Madness

With the unelected and increasingly autocratic Prime Minister Johnson together with his cabinet of fanatical Europhobes telling us that, "do or die", with or without a "deal", the UK will leave the EU on 31st October 2019, the country is facing its greatest political crisis for generations and, to say the least, the threat of an uncertain future. However, Brexit in any form is not inevitable. LibDems are working with colleagues and campaigning groups inside and outside Parliament to find constitutional means of halting the process until there has been time for reflection on what has been learned over the past three years since the Referendum ... and there is a little something you can do to help support their efforts. 

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Jo Swinson is the new leader of the Liberal Democrats

Jo Swinson MP has been elected the new leader of the Liberal Democrats. Jo has already led the charge against Boris Johnson’s push for a destructive no-deal Brexit and will build on recent Liberal Democrat gains.

Having won the leadership election, Jo said: “Our first priority must be, of course, stopping Brexit. And as your new leader, it's right at the top of my agenda. We're at a pivotal moment. Our country needs a strong, liberal movement more than ever, and that is what we are going to build. This is only the country of Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson if we let it be. We all know that Britain deserves better than both of them.”

Since Jo became leader, we've won a by-election in Brecon and Radnorshire and thousands of people have joined the Liberal Democrats as the best way to secure an exit from Brexit. Why not join them?

8 reasons why you should join the Waltham Forest Liberal Democrats

It is an exciting time to be a Liberal Democrat.  In the past month we have recorded our best ever European election results and gained the most seats ever in local elections. Recent polling shows that we can win huge numbers of seats in a general election. So many people are joining the Liberal Democrats at the moment that we are going through a massive membership surge - in fact our membership has just reached an all time high.  

So why should you join the Lib Dems - what’s the point? Here are eight reasons:

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Windrush Day

June 2019 marks the first ever national Windrush Day, aimed to help remember those who arrived in the UK on HMS Windrush on 22 June 1948. As Lib Dems, we called on the government to recognise 22 June as National Windrush Day in 2018 and Lib Dem Peer, Floella Benjamin has been leading the charge to have a memorial installed in London Waterloo station. She has also released a podcast, From the Heart, to share her own experiences arriving as one of the Windrush generation and her subsequent life in Britain.

A day honouring the Windrush arrivals is vital to counter the negative and devastating effects of the Conservative ‘hostile environment’ and the systematic victimisation of a whole generation, as seen in the Windrush scandal. Windrush citizens like Floella have lived here for decades, working, raising families and making a positive contribution to British society. Their generation answered the call to help address the UK’s post-WW2 labour shortage, yet many in the UK know nothing of that legacy.

As Vince Cable explained to Black History Month: “Our National Health Service is undeniably our greatest national treasure, yet its establishment and development would not have been possible without  the Windrush Generation. The arrival of Caribbean migrants at the point of our greatest need, not only built our public services but supplied much needed labour in sectors such as construction and agriculture. Yet, despite coming here by invitation, many were sadly victims of racism and discrimination and as the years have rolled by their contributions to British history have often been side-lined and overlooked.”

We hope that official recognition of a National Windrush Day will send out a message that diverse communities are to be celebrated for their enrichment of British culture and society.

Pride month

This month is Pride month, an opportunity to celebrate our sexual and gender diversity, but also to shine a light on the continuing injustices for LGBT+ community.

In Waltham Forest, we have a great opportunity to celebrate LGBT+ diversity through our unique position as the first London Borough of Culture. Throughout the year, music, culture and art will bring together the community not just for Pride month but for the whole year.

We know how important services like the East London Out Project are for supporting LGBT+ communities in our borough, and are proud that places like Leytonstone United Free Church led the way by being the first church in Waltham Forest to host same sex marriages in 2014.

However, as you may have seen, discrimination is still a daily reality for many as the recent attack on a same-sex couple on a London bus shows. Further still, same-sex couples in Northern Ireland are still denied the same rights as others in the UK by not being allowed to marry.

Liberal Democrats have always been clear that LGBT+ rights are human rights and that these rights are at the core of who we are as a party. It is why we pushed forward the amendment to repeal Section 28, it is why we legislated for same-sex marriage in the coaltion government, and it is why we are now continuing to campaign for same-sex marriage to be expanded to Northern Ireland.

Last year, the Lib Dem MP Layla Moran co-sponsored a Bill in Parliament that would bring same-sex marriage laws in Northern Ireland in line with those in England, Wales, and Scotland.

We are proud to be in a party that has been unequivocal in our support for equality and regardless of who wins our leadership battle, unlike the Conservatives, we know that equality will remain at the top of our agenda.

This Pride month, let’s celebrate how far we’ve come, celebrate our sexual and gender diversity, but please join us in tackling discrimination and prejudice wherever it exists.

If you identify or experience an issue of discrimination, whether for your sexual orientation, gender or otherwise - please let us know so can support you.

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