Murchison Road - One-Way Confusion


Residents of Murchison Road have complained that since the changes to Francis Road the problem with vehicles driving up the road the wrong way has escalated. This has caused a number of road rage incidents as vehicles try to pass.

Lib Dem Focus Team campaigner Arran Angus said, "The small two way part of the road off the High Road to get to ‘Quick Fit’ may be causing the confusion. We have asked the Council to put in much better signage and possibly putting up enforcement CCTV cameras."

Dog mess

There is nothing worse than treading on dog mess.

Residents have reported that this is a problem around the Leyton 6th Form College in Essex Road and Colchester Road.

Liberal Democrat campaigner Jordan Sullivan has asked the Council for signs to be put up warning dog owners of their responsibility to keep the pavements clean.

Newport Road/Guernsey Road Potholes


Following contact with residents the Focus Team has reported potholes on the speed bumps by the corner of Newport Road and Guernsey Road.

Focus Team campaigner Arran Angus said, "Local residents have been disturbed as cars and vans are especially noisy when scraping over them."

CPZ creep continues

Oliver Road and Oliver Close will be the latest areas to become a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ). Following consultations during the summer residents in all the roads in Oliver Close combined to vote 51.5% in favour of a CPZ according to the Council.

The Council, not happy that nearby roads did not vote for a CPZ, will re-consult Ive Farm Close, Simonds, Etloe and Wiseman Roads as well as Villiers Close and Meadows Close. Your Leyton Liberal Democrat team has pointed out that the Council’s own figures show that Simonds, Etloe and Wiseman Roads overall did vote for a CPZ but Meadows Close did not, as they already own their own parking spaces.

Liberal Democrat campaigner Bob Sullivan said, “Most people voted against a CPZ after the Olympics but have now been forced to vote for one as nearby CPZs have made it impossible to park. With the Council making multi-millions out of parking fees and fines it is no wonder they would like the whole borough to be a CPZ”.

Tyndall Road One-Way Request


Following the changes to Francis Road, getting in and out of Tyndall Road is getting harder and harder and some cars have been damaged. Residents of Tyndall Road are asking if the road can be made oneway.

Lib Dem Focus Team member Ukonu Obasi will be contacting the Council to investigate the residents’ request.

Lea Hall Gardens – dangerous garage area

An elderly resident of Lea Hall Gardens has had two nasty accidents due to the poor surface of the garage area of 1-23 Lea Hall Gardens.

Liberal Democrat campaigner Ed Bird was shocked to hear that L&Q, who plan to do major work in the Gardens, have refused to include the garage area in their plans. We will continue to take this up with L&Qs Property Manager.

Ramsay Road pot-holes

The Cann Hall Liberal Democrat team has reported the large pot-hole in Ramsay Road. This has not been the only one as the Focus Team is continually reporting pot-holes across the ward.

Lib Dem Focus member Rupert Alexander said, "The number of pot-holes not repaired is not surprising as a recent report shows that the Council’s repair rate is only around 50%."


Riverley School area – dogs mess

Residents have brought to the attention of the Lib Dem team the increase of dog mess around Riverley School. Focus has contacted the Council and asked for some notices be put up showing that dog owners can be fined for letting their dogs mess in the street or notices and bins be put around the school encouraging dog owners to use them?

Liberal Democrat campaigner Farooq Qureshi says: “There is nothing worse than your children stepping into dogs mess. It is obvious that someone is regularly allowing their dog to mess near the school. If you know who they are then please contact a member of the Focus Team in confidence.”

Cann Hall Deli licence approved against residents wishes!

The Cascais Deli in Cann Hall Road has had its alcohol licence approved even after noise, drug taking and anti social behaviour outside the Deli late at night was reported by residents.

Focus Team member Mahmood Faiz said, “The approval of this anti-social neighbour is outrageous as it’s clients continue to disturb local residents late into the night.”

Thornhill Road Fly Tipping


Liberal Democrat campaigner Ed Bird is pleased to see that the bed, mattress and rubbish left in Thornhill Road were cleared quickly particularly over this Christmas period. Please remember that you can arrange collection of large unwanted items via the Council’s website or by calling 020 486 3000.

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